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Thursday 14 December 2017 Envy Valeting - Our Products - Envy car care
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The latest range of car care products are shown below and can be purchased from us when we visit to valet your car. For full product details and pictures, click on the product name below.


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Wolfs Chemicals > WL-2N "Hide-Rophobe"

£24.99 (inc VAT)

Wolfs Chemicals Nano Leather Sealant Hiderophobe (WL-2N) super-hydrophobic coating on leather surfaces, protecting them from the absorption of liquids. Wolfs Hiderophobe also helps prevent dirt and other contamination from adhering to the surface. 1 x 150ml bottle ...
WP-6H ceramic-cut compound -
Wolfs Chemicals > WP-6H ceramic-cut compound - "The Leveler"

£20.95 (inc VAT)

Ceramic clearcoats on some of today's vehicles can be a challenge to polish, so we've developed WP-6H to combat them. Unlike other heavy polishes that tend to leave an uneven cut behind after compounding, Wolf's polishing ...
WP-6S heavy-cut compound -
Wolfs Chemicals > WP-6S heavy-cut compound - "The Equalizer"

£19.95 (inc VAT)

For heavy compounding on cars with softer finishes. WP 06S can be used to remove deep swirls and scratches, orange peel or 1,000 grit wet-sanding marks. The first part of a 2 step polishing system to ...
WP-5N correcting compound -
Wolfs Chemicals > WP-5N correcting compound - "The Correctional Utility"

£19.95 (inc VAT)

Wolf's WP-5N is an excellent polish for correcting heavily-scratched finishes. This polish has an extra-long working time and will leave the finish with a smooth, even cut ready for final polishing and jeweling. DIRECTIONS: On a clean ...
WP-4N ceramic-cut polish -
Wolfs Chemicals > WP-4N ceramic-cut polish - "The Upper Cut"

£19.95 (inc VAT)

Designed to remove medium scratches and swirls from today's more modern ceramic clearcoats. May be used as a one-step polish or a 2-stage depending on the hardness of the finish. DIRECTIONS: On a clean surface, work the ...
You are here: Home > Products > Wolfs Chemicals >


Please note: If you would like to buy any of the products listed on the site to be delivered when we come to valet your vehicle, please let us know a few days in advance so that we can order the stock in ready for the appointment.
Envy Valeting - Our Products - Envy car care
Envy Valeting - Our Products - Envy car care